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The Burracho

A tasty plate of nachos, or a soft and warm burrito? When you can't decide which Mexican classic you want, why not have the best of both? Our signature entree, the Burracho, combines the flavor and convenience of a handheld burrito with that added nacho crunch you can't get enough of. We loved this combo so much, we named our whole restaurant after it!

At Burrachos, you really can have it all. From our tasty tortilla strips to every fresh Mexican ingredient you can think of, we have what you need to build a magnificent meal. Come try our namesake entree for yourself— you'll never look at a boring old burrito the same again!

Tuesdays at Burrachos earn you double the loyalty rewards points, even on tacos!

Double Points Double the Delicious

Tuesdays at Burrachos


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