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Queso Blanco

We might be biased, but we think Wisconsin cheese makes for the best queso blanco. Taste it for yourself and see!

We Know Cheese… and That Includes Queso Blanco!

You wouldn't want to put just any old cheese on your meal, would you? No way! This is Wisconsin, after all. That Burracho, taco, or nacho plate deserves the very best! Fortunately, Burrachos has delicious queso blanco that's worthy of your favorite meal. Made with top-quality Wisconsin cheese, our queso blanco is perfectly creamy and ready for dipping or drizzling. Add it to your main meal for extra flavor and pizzazz, or try it with tortilla chips for a quick snack or side. However you choose to eat it, your taste buds will thank you!

Tuesdays at Burrachos earn you double the loyalty rewards points, even on tacos!

Double Points Double the Delicious

Tuesdays at Burrachos


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