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Salsa: proof that details matter, especially when it comes to food! Choose from our variety of vegetarian salsas for that perfect finishing touch on your next meal.

Burrachos Salsa: Which One Will You Choose?

In case you haven't noticed, we want to give you options. Fresh, delicious, fully custom options. And that's true for our salsa, too! Whether you want hot or mild, traditional or unique, Burrachos has the perfect salsa to suit your mood. Try them all!

Mild Salsa

PICO DE GALLO | Chunky tomatoes flavored with herbs, onions, and more. A true classic!
SALSA NO PICANTE | Traditional, but never boring! This saucy concoction has a mild flavor to accent your meal without overpowering it.

Medium Salsa

CHIPOTLE SALSA | Smokey sauce with snappy flavor. Choose this one when you want more pizzazz than a traditional tomato salsa!
CORN SALSA | Who can resist a "sweet and salty" combo? Rustic corn adds a hint of tangy sweetness to your favorite dish.

Hot Salsa

JALAPEÑO SALSA | You like it hot, and you like it simple. Jalapeño salsa is just that! Diced jalapeños: nothing more and nothing less.
HABANERO SALSA | Fiery flavor meets spicy sauce in our habañero salsa. Turn things up a notch… or several!

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