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Tacos A La Carte

Want to mix and match your tacos with other menu items? Create your own custom meal when you order tacos a la carte. Order one, order two, or order ten— just be sure to savor the delicious flavor in them all!

Add a Taco to Any Meal

Maybe you want tacos, but you don't want them to be all the same. Or maybe you can't decide between a burrito and a taco. That's where tacos a la carte come in! Create whatever you want in a soft or hard shell. Fill your tacos with any combination of Chicken, Veggies, Ground Beef, Carnitas, Steak, or Barbacoa. Add flavor with rice, beans, and toppings, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind meal that's all your own! Head to your nearest Burrachos location or order your own tacos a la carte online for pickup or delivery today.

Tuesdays at Burrachos earn you double the loyalty rewards points, even on tacos!

Double Points Double the Delicious

Tuesdays at Burrachos


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